Sailing Therapy

Sailing Therapy

Our aim is to use the exposure to SAILING as a means to facilitate healing (both mental and physical), as well as to enhance wellbeing and quality of life.

We believe our Sailing Therapy experiences and programs play a key role in helping kids who are compromised either health or socio-economically wise, to overcome their physical and mental hardships.

Sailing Changes Lives

Studies have shown that similar types of activity, have resulted in the improvement in motor skills and coordination, self-confidence, independence, identity formation, focus, and pride through accomplishment.

We use sailing to show that the benefits of this therapeutic and recreational rehabilitative activity,  can offer all of the above as well as the experience of adventure, mobility, and freedom.

Using Therapeutic mechanisms, we believe we can and do offer:

  • Enhanced self-efficacy from learning and mastery of new skills (if includes sailing instruction)
  • Exposure to nature (wind, water and ocean health, environment, plastic pollution, conservation)
  • Experience of pleasure   (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins – the bodies happy/healing chemicals)
  • Introduction to water safety and drowning prevention
  • Comradery with other participation